Anonymous shopping with

I’ll be updating this thread with my experience with and whether or not I would recommend them.

They are a website that will work as an intermediary to purchase products on your behalf. Have you ever wanted to buy a new Pixel phone, or laptop but didn’t want the financial transaction traced back to you for privacy reasons? Well that’s what Anonshop is trying to solve, and they only accept Monero.

I just recently made a purchase with them for a laptop from Amazon. The process goes like this:

  1. Launch a VPN
  2. Visit their online store (
  3. Paste a link for the amazon product you want to purchase and specify delivery which can be an Amazon locker near you.
  4. They generate the order and a 8 word seed phrase that you need to write down and keep safe. This will be used when you want to check the status of your order or communicate with their staff.
  5. Pay the invoice via BTCPayserver with Monero / XMR
  6. Wait for package updates with tracking informaiton.

So far everything has gone very smooth, and I am suppose to receive the laptop tomorrow. I will report back once it has been deposited to the locker and I retrieve the package.

They don’t ask for any information form you like your e-mail or phone number. All status and communication happens on their website only. You login to your order witht he seed phrase created for you at the time of the order.