Episode #35 - Privacy Health Check, News and Privacy

Closed Network podcast Episode 35 - Mid year Privacy Check -

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Privacy isn’t about hiding. It’s about revealing what you want to whom you want on your terms.

Data Breaches:

Hackers Demand as Much as $5 Million From Snowflake Clients

As many as 10 companies are being extorted with stolen data

Scammers previously made death threats against researchers


Privacy News:

California Lawmakers Should Reject Mandatory Internet ID Checks

Chat Control Must Be Stopped – Now!

Tuta Mail Put Out A YouTube Video on “Chat Control”

Google - Massive leak of it’s search algorithm documentation

Google won’t comment on a potentially massive leak of its search algorithm documentation - The Verge

Manifext V2/V3 and ad blocking

Manifest V3, the latest version of Google’s Chrome extension specification, has been making waves in the tech world, particularly among ad blockers. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:

Changes to Ad Blocking

Manifest V3 introduces significant changes to the way ad blockers work. The new version limits the ability of extensions to block certain types of ads, giving website owners and advertisers more control over what users see. This means that some ad blockers may not work as effectively or may stop working altogether, making it harder for users to control the ads they see while browsing the web.

Impact on Ad Blockers

The changes in Manifest V3 have significant implications for ad blockers. Some popular ad blockers, such as AdBlock and uBlock Origin, may need to adapt to the new specification or risk being rendered ineffective. This has led to concerns about the future of ad blocking and the potential for users to lose control over their browsing experience.

Google’s Justification

Google has justified the changes by citing concerns about performance and security. The company claims that the new specification will improve the overall performance of Chrome and reduce the risk of malicious extensions. However, critics argue that the changes are unnecessary and will ultimately benefit advertisers at the expense of users.

Alternatives to Chrome

For users who value their ad-blocking capabilities, there are alternatives to Chrome. Firefox, for example, has announced that it will adopt a different approach to extensions, allowing ad blockers to continue functioning as usual. Other browsers, such as Brave and Vivaldi, also offer ad-blocking capabilities.

Talking Tech:

Microsoft quietly updates controversial Windows 11 Recall feature – but not with the changes that are really needed:


Apple Rolling out AI - “Apple Intelligence”

  • Apple’s “Trust me bro” privacy stance with AI

My privacy game plan for remaining of 2024

  • Implement 2 NAS systems

  • Continue to experiment with moving from MacOS to Linux for Work including Video editing

How I use personal email.

  • Register a domain, setup MX records to use domain with Tuta / Proton.

  • Setup simple login to use for email aliasing with your custom domain

  • Use an email alias for every new account you create along with strong password

  • Password manager - KeypassXC / Bitwarden