Router Recommendations

I’m in the need for a new router. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Get yourself a pfsense or opnsense compatible appliance! Totally worth it. You can use just about any computer you can get your hands on. Old PC, put in a cheap NIC and youre good to go. Laptop? USB3 ethernet adapters would generally be faster than many residential internet connections.

Any cheap computer off ebay or craigslist will be better than whatever your ISP gives you.

As for wifi, that’s a whole new topic on APs. I personally have used some real janky setups and itll work. Right now I am using the self hosted unifi controller and a unifi wifi6 AP. I’ve also deployed it for my extended family and they’ve had a much better experience than what they had going on before. They have 3 nodes in their setup with the meshing enabled.

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I’ve used pfSense in the past, but switched to a Unifi Dream Machine Special Edition for the house. I’m looking for something simple I can use while traveling. That said, would you change your recommendation based off this additional info?

I really enjoyed Network Chucks exploration on this subject


I find this video about an Off Grid Homelab both amusing and oddly inspiring when discussing a travel solution for staying connected. Maybe it might help :person_shrugging: :sweat_smile: