Some servers I'm currently self hosting

When it comes to self hosting things can be easy, or complicated depending on what you’re trying to host and your skill sets. In this topic I wont talk about everything I’m doing but some of the servers I’m using to evaluate and eventually write a review on.

  1. CasaOS running on Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS. CasaOS is a very cool easy to use front end web based interface that allows you to easily deploy pre built docker containers with little technical knowledge. Community-based open source software focused on delivering simple personal cloud experience around Docker ecosystem.

I am using CasaOS primarily for my media server running Jellyfin and Plex Media Server.

  1. Server One by Start9 running StartOS. This is running a full Bitcoin node, NOSTR relay, SimpleX Server over TOR, Lightning node for hosting a Blue wallet as well as running a BTCpayServer.

  2. Umbrel OS on a Rasberry Pi 4 with 8GB RAM. This server is also running a full Bitcoin Node as well as some other servers for bitcoin services.

  3. Ronin Dojo Tanto Server which is my Dojo server that I use over TOR with my Samourai wallet.

  4. Dell Optiplex 32 GB RAM, 8 TB dual hard drives that is currently my Nextcloud server which is my own personal cloud where all my contacts, files and photos are backed up to. This is accessible from anywhere via Cloudflare tunnel to my home network without exposing ports to my IP address.

There are other servers internally that are being utilized for different things both personal and work as well as our now self hosted Mastodon server.

I’m a crusty old sysadmin at heart. My lab is chaos and you’re about to see that.

The services I run


Virtual Machines

  • PfSense (I can’t afford dedicated hardware)
    a. SR-IOV passthrough of interfaces to the VM

Server Hardware

Used enterprise gear off a local marketplace site. No server was more than $750 USD. The switch was fiddy bucks. My hardware is overkill. This would work on just about any old optiplex you upgrade the RAM in.

  • A couple dell PowerEdge servers
  • Cisco switch
  • Hand-me-down laptop

Server Software

  • Debian
  • QEMU/KVM + libvirt
  • Virt-manager
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