Using Obtanium To Install Apps

So there are several marketplaces to install applications on your Pixel running GrapheneOS. There is the Aurora Store, Google Play via sandbox installation, Fdroid / Droidify, APKPure as well as others.

Lately I have been trying to install applications directly from the repo of the developer or development team. This could be Github, Gitlab etc. Obtanium is a free and open source application that allows you to search for an app or specify the repository URL of the application. It will install and check for updates directly from that development repository.

Side Of Burritos has an excellent video tutorial you can watch here:
Link To Youtube Video
Josh also has an excellent write up on his website here.

> Obtainium overview | My favorite way to track Open Source apps

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I absolutely love Obtainium. Most of the applications on my GrapheneOS phone come from it.


Obtainium is great! Highly recommended for installing apps.

I have a few apps that are installed/tracked using a direct HTML source. This can be challenging to achieve. In case this helps someone (or maybe just future me) I have found the key is to manually enter the “Version String Extraction Regex” as ([0-9]+.)*[0-9]+ which, if you know regex formatting, makes some sense. Obviously this is highly dependent on what you’re installing. Note - this is working on v1.1.4


Absolute killer resource! Thanks for putting that together!

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So are we going to look forward to some Qubes insights / tutorials? :slight_smile:

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