Want to set up a home server

I’m thinking to run a server for Nextcloud, Monero, maybe lightning and BTC. Maybe TOR. I want to be able to use Thunderbolt 4 and Linux.

Any suggestions welcomed!

That sounds like fun! I’m not sure what your experience level is, but I’d suggest looking into all-in-one solutions such as:

Both of these companies offer complete systems (hardware and software) or you could download the ISOs and install the operation system on your own hardware.

yeah, I am trying to get something a bit more powerful. And I don’t trust Umbrel as I would rather run Ubuntu or something like that.

Thank you for your response!

I run an Ubuntu Server with most of the pieces of software you’ve mentioned directly installed. It’s been going great for multiple years now.

You could install Debian with no desktop, and then just installing the packages you need. Uses a little less resources compared to Ubuntu Server, but you do not get new packages as quickly as Ubuntu. Up to you.

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